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Online Courses on Flipped Learning

Teachers who wish to learn more about Flipped Learning can of course read up on the subject, or attend occasional professional development events on how to flip their classes. There are also organised online courses on Flipped Learning that teachers can follow. This article introduces three such courses.

1. FLIPPED CLASSROOM course offered by the NET Section

This is a two-hour online course offered by the NET (Native English Teacher) Section of the Education Bureau. This self-paced course is at Beginner level. Teachers who sign up for the course will be assigned a mentor from the NET section.

This is a structured course the learning materials of which include videos, guidance notes, and web articles. Some of the learning tasks are accompanied by a quiz.

While working through the course materials, participating teachers also complete a Learning Task worksheet, which they have to submit to their mentor for feedback. If their work is approved, they will be issued with a completion certificate which they can use to claim their CPD hours.

The two main tasks for completing the worksheet are: (1) complete a flipped lesson plan template, and (2) create an Edpuzzle unit.

To enrol on the course:

  1. Sign up for an account with

  2. After logging in, go to ‘Browse Units’.

  3. Open ‘Learning Area and Course’, and choose ‘EDB HK NET Section’.

  4. Then, open the course named ‘Flipped Classroom’.

  5. Enrol on the course.

2. FLIPPED LEARNING FOR YOUR CLASSROOM course offered by Adobe Education Exchange

This free self-paced online course takes one hour to follow the learning content, and approximately two hours to complete the assignment.

The features of this particular course on Flipped Learning include:

  • There are suggestions on how to implement Flipped Learning in online teaching contexts.

  • Besides showing how teachers can flip their teaching content, the course also provides suggestions and examples of how to flip student presentations.

  • There is frequent reference to how to use Adobe Spark tools in creating flipped learning resources.

  • There are quite plentiful teacher-created exemplar materials (mostly made with Adobe Spark tools) for reference.

The assignment consists of creating a flipped learning video for students, which should then be uploaded to the course website for peer review. Participants who complete all the requirements will earn a badge and a certificate of completion.

To sign up for the course, go to:

3. FLIPPED LEARNING COURSES offered by the Flipped Learning Global Initiative

This is by far the most organised series of courses on Flipped Learning, offered by the leading international professional organisation on Flipped Learning: the Flipped Learning Global Initiative.

As of this moment, their series of courses includes:

  • Flipped Learning 3.0 Level 1

  • Flipped Learning 3.0 Level 2

  • Flipped Learning 3.0 Differentiation Strategies

  • Flipped Learning 3.0 Lesson Plan Strategies

  • Flipped Learning 3.0 Higher Education Level 1

  • Flipped Learning Master Class Facilitator

These courses are paid, but unlike the NET Section course and the Adobe course, these courses are much more in-depth in nature. Contributors to the content of each course include academics, and experienced frontline teachers. A course organisation is typically as follows:

  1. A course consists of a few modules.

  2. Each module covers one area of flipped learning, and consists of several units.

  3. Each unit focuses on a specific topic within the module, which is presented through a video.

  4. There is a quiz at the end of each module with a passing score. There is also a discussion forum at the end of each unit for course members to share ideas

Hence, these courses are of medium duration. When participants complete a course (i.e., having viewed all the courses, and passed all the end-of-module quizzes), they will gain the course completion certificate.

To get an idea of what a course structure and its content is like, visit the Differentiation course curriculum page:

To view all the offered courses and sign up, go to:

To conclude, while there are one-off professional development events on Flipped Learning that interested teachers can attend, they can also consider signing up for a course like the ones above in order to acquire a more in-depth and organised understanding of how to flip their classes


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